Wall, Walls. Walled:
From Strongs Exhaustive Concordance.

The words wall walls, and walled are used 245 times in the scriptures. Of these 245 usages at least 154 usages are to be considered double meaning words, i.e. they refer to both physical and spiritual walls. In order that you can be aware of the walls being referred to in the Bible you must remember there are two kinds of walls (positive and negative), physical walls, and:


846 ‘Ushsharna: A wall, (from its uprightness), From 833: Prime root: Ashar: To be straight, level, right, happy. Figurative:(to go forward, be honest, prosper. (Call or be) blessed, happy. Go, guide, lead, relieve, etc., etc.

1219 Batsar: A prim, root; to clip off; spec. (as denom. from 1210) to gather grapes; also to be isolated (ie. inaccessible by height or fortification):-cut off, (de) fenced, fortify, (grape) gather (er), mighty things, restrain, strong, wall (up), withhold.

1444 Geder: from 1443; a circumvallation: -a wall.

1447 Gedar: An enclosure, fence, hedge, wall

1448 Gederah: Fem. of 1447; inclosure (espec. for flocks):-sheep-] cote (fold) hedge, wall.

2346 Chowmah: To join, a wall of protection.

2426 Cheyl = Chel: An army (by analogy) an entrenchment. From 2342: Chiyl: Prime root: To twist or whirl. Specifically: To dance or writhe in pain or fear. Figuratively: To wait, to pervert, make to bring forth, make to calve, dance, drive away, fall grievously with pain, fear, form, grief, hope, look, make, rest, shake, shape, sorrow, stay, tarry, travail, tremble, trust, wait patiently, be wounded. Collat. form of:

2428 Chayil: A FORCE. Whether of men, means or other resources. Wealth, virtue, valor, strength; ability, activity, army, great forces, goods, might, power, riches, strength, substance, training, etc.

2434 Chayits: another form for 2351; a wall: -wall.

2742 Charuts: pass. part. of 2782; prop. incised or (act.) incisive; hence (as nown masc. or fem.) a trench (as dug), gold (as mined), a threshing, sledge (having sharp teeth); (fig.) determination; also eager:-decision, diligent, (fine) gold, pointed things, sharp, threshing instrument, wall.

3796 Kothel: from an unused root meaning to compact; a wall (as gathering inmates): -wall.

3797 Kethal: A wall, another form of:

3796 Kothel, to compact, a wall, as gathering inmates.

7023 Qiyr, or Qir, or Qiyrah: A wall (as built in a trench). From 6979: Quwr: Prime root; to trench. By implication: TO THROW FORTH, whether literal (to build a wall) or figurative (to break down, cast out, destroy, dig) See Jer. 1:10.

7791 Shuwr: A wall, as going about. From 7788: Prime root: to turn, to travel about as harlot or merchant, Also: 7891: Strolling minstrels.

7794 Showr: Shore; from 7788; a bullock (as a traveller):-bull (-ock), cow, ox, wall (by mistake for 7791)

8284 Sharah: A wall.


5038 Teichos: A wall.

5109 Newbay: from 5108; fruitful.

Please Note: the dual meanings cease in the New Testament. This is simple to understand since Christ died to remove the curse of spiritual walls along with our sins and afflictions. In New Testament times, one has spiritual walls because one chooses to have spiritual walls. To arrive at the full meaning of the term “Spiritual Walls”, one would have to study the words, their roots, and their application in Scripture. Once this is done, the following statements become clear.

        1. I have engraved you on the palms of My hands, your walls are continually before Me (walls of protection] Isa 49:16).

        2. There is plague within our walls and it is spreading ([A wall, as built in a trench; to throw forth] Lev. 14:37-39). Spiritual walls are as a spiritual cancer eating away Gods walls of protection around the Body of Christ.

        3. He who has no rule over his own Spirit is like a city without walls ([has no wall of protection] Prov 25:28).

        4. You have spiritual walls and someone knows they are there. Pray that that someone will inform you of their presence.

Author: W S Jordan

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Author: W S Jordan

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